Depression. Denim Tote

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Tote ships early July. Depression, we know it well. Depression is the weight we carry of the past. From a physiological perspective our minds replay past events and stories, that make us feel depressed and low. This tote is intended to represent these weights. Fill it with objects that represent the past, and physically experience the weight they have, on you. Carry a brick or books, to represent the depression if you don't know what it is exactly, to try and discover, how to put it down, and be free of what no longer is your burden to carry. Or, carry it as a reminder to other's that they're not alone in their struggles. Feel free to reach out for ideas on how to work with this tote intentionally. Depression is real, and we wish to support you in your healing journey. Be well friends. You are loved. 

The perfect denim tote — a functional and spacious carrier that remains unfastened so you can throw in all your essentials. 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester Twill. Tote measures 17" x 15".