ST SOLEIL - Moon Oil {No. 2} Sacred Beauty Oil

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"I’m tending to the flowers that bloom from within" R I T U A L ∙ I N T E N T I O N Sacred Blooming O U R ∙ O F F E R I N G Deepen your connection to the innate wisdom that lies within, through daily ceremony. Held in unconditional love, rekindle ancestral wisdom and surrender into one's highest self. Uplifting, supportive, grounding, healing and embodying. A mystical oil to reawaken your divinity. H E R B A L  ∙ I N T E L L I G E N C E Sacred Blue Lotus flower offers the sweetness of the Earth and the renewal of spirit. Our unique blend of oils purifies, and revitalises the appearance of one's skin to illuminate your innate beauty. Limits effects of environmental damage and stressors. R I T U A L • D I R E C T I O N S Gently shake to awaken ingredients • Massage into warm, subtle skin after shower for self-care ritual • Apply 2-3 drops to face for beauty ritual • Or add intuitive drops to your bath for sacred renewal • Ceremonially apply to pulse points & inhale sacred essence