Welcome! We are so happy you're here.

Dyanna Csaposs and Adam Hays are the artists behind all that you see here.

Dyanna is a multidisciplinary artist, her collection of work can be found at https://www.dyannacsaposs.com/ on IG @dyannacsaposs. 

Adam in a craftsman, illustrator and tattoo artist. Find him online at https://adamguyhays.com/ on IG @adamguyhays. 

SERPEN was created to empower expression through the intersection of art & life. 

Our creations are inspired by the natural world and the ways in which we continue to move towards an intentional life. We see our inner and outer worlds as temples. To be treated with honor, clarity and true connection.  


For questions about the brand, custom work, our policies, or partnering please email us at: hello@serpen.co


Creating a partnership in all things creative. We are a collective of profound artists, designers, poets, makers, thinkers. If you're looking to dream something creative and meaningful into the world, we'd love to hear more.