Monk Oil Skin Potions

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Thriving in today's urban environments requires a unique kind of fortitude. More than an aromatic body oil, Monk Oil is a modern magic potion worn on the skin. Conjured on full moons, new moons, and other auspicious days, Monk Oil contains nourishing base oils, essential oils, flower essences and crystals to support both inner and outer well-being. Made for everyone. 1 oz / 30 ml.

Dawn Skin Potion 

Thriving in the city requires grace and resilience. A love poem to the optimism of sunrise over the California coast, this potion supports the daily renewal of active love for self and others.
Wild Rose: Unconditional Love, Empathy, Active Loving Service, Open Heart, Purifying, Healing, Softening

Organic Avocado oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Rose absolute essential oil, Sage essential oil, and Wild Rose Flower Essence. A Rose Quarts Crystal is placed in every bottle.

Dusk Skin Potion  

Thriving in the city requires passion and determination. Inspired by a brilliant sunset at dusk, this potion encourages a sexy inner-knowing.
Musk: Passion, Trail Blaze, Inner Knowing, Healing, Confidence, Sunset, Sensual, Exotic

Organic Avocado oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, Rose absolute essential oil, and Orange Carnelian. 

Palo Santo

Monk Oil creates potion to elevate both mind and spirit. The potion combines the pure, small batch Palo Santo essential oil from Peru with organic Vetiver essential oil for the calming and grounding qualities, Self Heal Flower Essence by FES to activate the healer within. Each bottle contains a Smoky Quartz to dispel negativity.

Organic Avocado oil, Small Batch Palo Santo Essential oil, Organic Vetiver Essential oil, Self Heal Flower Essence by FES ( and Smoky Quartz Crystal.