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SERPEN has embarked on another metamorphosis. The decision to move from the magical city of New Orleans, and deconstruct our beautiful shop on Magazine Street was an easy one. Many folks asked why we were leaving—

the answer is simple, for the same reasons we opened our doors, to follow our hearts.

Having a brick and mortar was incredible. I learned so much as an artist, maker and curious human. When my partner Adam and I opened the doors, we knew we were embarking on a new, exciting journey. Back in October as we opened the front door of SERPEN, adorned with a giant brass snake handle, we were received with care and much encouragement from the community. Along the way, we formed connections, learned how to consciously work together, and created something truly inspiring and intentional. People often commented on how good it felt in our space, and how beautiful it was. 

For me as an artist it was incredible to have a space dedicated to my passions. To learn how as an "introvert" to have a public space. To educate the community about slow fashion, and have the walls filled with our Art. What a dream. 

I have been thinking a lot about success. In the western world our ideals around success are distorted, created to push and pull us to constantly preform, overwork and climb a treacherous ladder. For me, I measure the success of our brick and mortar with the goals we set when we opened. Our goal was to share our gifts as Artists with a wider audience. 

The space was our art instillation.

I pushed myself as an artist, I stretched myself as a human, to adapt and grow, and learn. I couldn't be more proud of what we created. What we accomplished. The immense success we had. I'm proud of our struggles and our success. I'm proud of us. 

I don't yet know what this next chapter for SERPEN will become. I'm excited to follow my heart and find out. Thank you to everyone for your support, love and excitement around the conscious products and lifestyle we create. 

You can always find us online. I'll be at markets, and out and about curious and open to whats next. 

with gratitude, 

You are loved // You are love

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