The beautiful process of Shibori Dyeing

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Shibori – the next iteration of our SERPEN dusters came with my love of natural dyeing. Taking a piece of natural fabric, or already sewn garment and turning it into a work of art. 

Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique used on textiles to creates patterns across fabric. The resulting patterns are often emblematic of Japan’s appreciation of the beauty of imperfection – known locally as wabi sabi – and are prized for their individuality and arresting beauty.

These pieces are wearable art.

I fell in love with the Shibori art form many years ago and wanted to bring it to the collection. Using found objects such as wood, leaves, and bubble wrap, to name a few, I very intentionally and carefully fold each duster in a geometric pattern. Each object as well as the binds, such as rope, tape, or twine create a resist against the dye. In other words, blocking the fabric from the dye. Using different water temps and various techniques to create different works of art on each garment.

I love to experiment. For one series I damped each garment and forced dry dye through a fan to create a spray-like appearance. Giving a radiant flow, and tiny rainbow effect in the colors. I have dyed over 30 dusters at this point, each very different and a unique piece of art. 

As an artist I love creating one of a kind garments that allow people to become the art. To be the expression in collaboration with ancient techniques and the vision of myself and my hands. 

I love working directly with customers to create a personal, unique piece intended for them. These pieces are powerful and last the test of time. If you're looking for a sacred garment to mark a special time in your life, please contact us. I'd love to create your garment. 

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