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As a visual artist part of the practice is to practice. Drawing, sketching, creating everyday. When I lived in NYC I'd take the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan to sit in secret art circles, and draw a nude model. Everyone gathered around with their charcoal and large newsprint pads. Each line drawn of the energy, the essence of the human in front of me.  Sometimes a detailed drawing of hands or faces, or elbows. Sometimes faces turning into roses with eyes. Those hours spent just in connection with my hand, the charcoal and the paper. The practice. Those are precious hours.

I just returned from a trip back to NYC where I got to visit my secret, beloved art circles.

We wanted to share these rich beautiful experiences of humanity and art with you. Which is why we created our Ready to Wear collection. All the art from charcoal on newsprint, made into garments for you. 

We believe in those pure, rich, sacred connections to our expressions. To honor charcoal to paper, ink to fibers. So that we remember, we believe in art, and honor that, on our bodies.

"It is an artists duty to reflect the times" 
- Nina Simone 

Our current times, are all about evolution, community, love and releasing control. With pure self expression and the understanding that it is a journey, not a race

All of our ready to wear garments are sourced and printed consciously, with sustainable practices. Our dope screen printer is located in Brooklyn, he loves that his work connects him with so many cool different folks. He pours as much love into each of our garments as we do. Check him out at @mibksilkscreeners.   

Be well friends. 

You are loved. And You are love. 


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