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hello friends. What is it to be a curious human? In the modern world we are bombarded by information, facts and opinions. How do we remain open to learning, and experiencing life, as an individual in the information age? I just got back from NYC, a vortex of energies and people all swirling and existing all at once. I am reminded as a curious human, to remain just that, curious. Yet I often am confronted with the side of myself that wishes to be accepted by my tribe, and in this modern tribe, knowledge is power, and power is just that. Peoples opinions are swayed by what the internet says, what thier peers tell them, what advertising tells them. So, no wonder magic, intuition and the cosmos aren't widely accepted. Things that can't be proven are dismissed by the larger society. 

We are taught that knowledge is how we excel, how we become better humans, yet this leads to a loss of imagination, true experience, and the individual self.

What if we met ourselves and the world with openness. Instead of answers to prove we are smart, we are learned we know it all. Because in actuality we know nothing. And that can be scary. I offer you an experiment, to start to embrace the idea "I don't know".

We are in a great time of transition, and the heaviness of that can weight on our sensitive souls. I know it does for me. I remain open and gracious with gratitude for all of the twists and turns on this rollercoaster of life we're on. With curiosity, and to check my ego, when I'm too scared to simply say, I don't know. 

with love. you are loved. you are love. 

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